Buyer Testimonials

“Sarah was so perfect for me during this process of buying my own home. She was not at all pushy, but super patient, knowledgeable, prepared, available, and professional. I would hands down recommend her to anyone and everyone that I hear is looking to buy. She rocked!!!”  – Dawn B.

“Sarah was very patient and not critical of my list making. During the closing we could not imagine going through with anyone else. Sarah’s attention to details was a god send!  Thank you!”  – Dave & SuN H.

“Sarah was so helpful and flexible with our search. She brought our new home to our attention and we got it! Sarah is awesome!”  – Giselle & Grant W.

“Sarah was very patient with our extended search. We ended up very happy with our purchase.”  – Joseph W.

“Working with Sarah is great! She will be our next agent when we need one.”  – Helen W. & Bob G.

“Sarah was the best at making herself available around our schedule—she was absolutely wonderful in helping us make a big step as a new family. Sarah Rules!”  – Tony & Cathy E.

“Sarah was fabulous! She was extremely patient, working wit me on off-hours, driving all over Seattle (and outlying cities) and working with my ever-changing list of house buying requirements. I highly recommend Sarah!”  – Jerrod L.

“Sarah did a great job. She was very patient and understanding of my needs. She also had great contacts for my home inspection and mortgage broker.”  – Brian L.

“Sarah was attentive & organized. She listened to all of my many requirements—even for an east-facing condo. I appreciate her passion and dedication. Thanks Sarah!”  – Giselle W.

“Thanks for making my first house time buying experience so great! It went extremely smoothly for a first time home buyer—Sarah Mosley was wonderful!”  – Kathy A.

“Thank you for your hard work. Ryan and I knew after that open house that you would work for us—we were right. Thank you for the odd hours and frequent phone conversations in the past month. All of your work paid off. We are so excited to move in today and make this house our own.”  – Julie & Ryan C